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Winemaker: Gérard Eyraud


Grapes: Bourboulenc


Characteristics: How good! A veritable ball of flavors: grilled sesame and vanilla rub shoulders with apple compote, waltzing with ripe pear, peach, Mirabelle plum and apricot. On the palate, far from being sickening, this orgy of fruit is impeccably balanced by its acidity and its notes of citrus zest and its vegetal freshness. Made from a single grape variety, Bourboulenc, it offers us a major taste surprise.


Pairing: A grilled chicken previously marinated with some oriental spices.


Aging: Up to 3 years


Alcohol: 13.2% Vol.


Culture: Welcome to one of the most recognized nature areas in France! It is with pride that Gérard will guarantee you that they do not use any biocide, whether in his vines or during the winemaking work: no pesticides, no insecticides, no more sulphur, not even copper and zero sulfites...


Vinification: You are here with pure grape juice that has naturally fermented and patiently matured.

Domaine de Rapatel - Blanc - 2016

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