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Winemaker: Romain Paire


Grapes: Gamay


Characteristics: An effervescent crunchy fruity and easy-drinking Gamay with a nice delicacy and a lot of delicacy. The nose already opens on fruity indulgence with notes of grenadine syrup, raspberry and ripe gooseberry. The mouth does not lie the senses since from the attack we reach expressions of very crunchy red fruits accompanied by a slight residual sugar and creamy bubbles.


Pairing: raspberry tart, smoked salmon steak with pepper


Aging: Up to 5 years


Alcohol: 9% Vol.


Cultivation: On the borders of the Loire Valley in the Auvergne lands of the Roannaise coast. The entire estate is cultivated organically and biodynamically. The soils, very sandy and draining, are of granite origin. They are very suitable for Gamay. When we think of Gamay, the drinkable reds come to mind first. But, this grape variety can also be vinified in sparkling rosé wine, of which the Domaine des Pothiers offers us with this Eclipse cuvée a wonderful example. It is here the local version that is offered to us, the Gamay Saint Romain, a variety with small tight bunches that produce very fragrant wines. Fertilization is done only with compost from their cattle breeding. The harvest is harvested manually, which allows Romain to refine the sorting and thus to vinify irreproachable grapes.


Vinification: After the harvest by hand with a meticulous sorting on the vines; the grapes are pressed directly before leaving for a fermentation carried out at low temperature. Once fermentation is complete, the wine is bottled for prize de mousse. Once disgorged, aging takes place on the lees for a period of six to ten months on slats.


For the record: Located in the town of Villemontais, the estate covers 21 Ha. As soon as he arrived in 2005, Romain refurbished the cellar, converted the vineyard to organic farming and today to biodynamic farming.

Domaine des Pothiers - Méthode Ancestrale - Eclipse 2021

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