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Winemakers: Fabien Jouves


Grapes: Malbec (Côt)


Characteristics: Were you used to Argentinian Malbecs where you feel the tannins more than the aromas? Nothing to see ! The cuvée is aptly named because here everything is in the fruit! A real thirst-quenching wine! Behind its purplish color, its nose is very expressive, offering notes of blackberry, raspberry, a few spices and above all a fermentative aspect that will delight our friends in search of barren aromatics. On the palate it's light, easy, you empty your glass quickly. The tannins are silky and come with lightness accompanied by an explosion of fruit and freshness. Its finish is greedy and long with a dominance of fruit and some farmy and spicy notes.


Pairing: The best accompaniment for Fabien's wine? Sausage and friends!


Aging: Between 2 and 4 years


Alcohol: 13% Vol.


Cultivation: Organic farming and manual harvesting on vines with an average age of 25 years, blending of several plots. Clay-limestone soils


Vinification: Fabien is the punk spirit of Cahors. In biodynamics since 2011, he delivers wines without oenological inputs, without clarification or filtration (the processes used to remove the natural deposit in the wines). Natural vinification, destemming, vatting for 7 days. Fermentation in concrete vats and barrels. Aging in concrete vats and barrels for 6 months. Total SO2: < 20 mg/L


For the record: Young experienced winegrower, Fabien Jouves took over a family vineyard in 2006 located on the slopes of Trespoux, the highest sector of the Cahors appellation.

Mas del Périé - Cahors Haute Côte de Fruit - 2019

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