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Winemakers: Stéphanie Olmeta and Jean-Laurent Savelli


Grapes: Niellucciu


Characteristics: Behind the reduction at the opening which reminds us of our best moments on the farm, the nose is actually quite complex with notes of humus, chocolate, cloves as well as black cherries or prunes. On the palate, the wine offers us a very nice structure with a nice freshness and well-affirmed and persistent but supple tannins. In short, a seductive velvet, which accompanies flavors of blackcurrant leaf, cherry pits, prune and more herbal notes on the finish on myrtle leaf.


Pairing: Lamb kofta with spices


Aging: Between 3 and 6 years


Alcohol: 13% Vol.


Cultivation: Stéphanie took over the vineyard from her grandparents in 2004. Her 8 hectares of vines – including 1 ha of Muscat, 5 ha of Niellucciu and 2 ha of Vermentino – are grown organically and the harvest is manual. "No pesticides touch our vines, and no yeast is used in the composition of our wines"


Vinification: In the cellar, it is nature that operates and causes the juices to ferment. No chemicals added in the estate's winemaking process. Light filtration without fining with only SO2 of total 21mg/L for a very limited addition at the arrival of the harvest and at bottling


For the record: The cuvées reflect Stéphanie's personality, a lot of energy, listening, inking in her terroir, a beautiful liveliness and great generosity

Stéphanie Olmeta - Les copines d'abords - Vin de France - 2018

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