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Winemakers: Theresa and Bernhard Liszt


Grapes: Welschriesling


Characteristics: The nose already puts you in ecstasy delivering aromas of hazelnut, toasted sesame and apple. On the palate, despite the roundness, the wine is dry (residual sugar 1 g/l), the expressive acidity balances a fatty body and intense toasted flavors accompanied by notes of pear, cognac and a very nice finish on white pepper.


Pairing: Sheep cheese with walnuts


Aging: 2 to 4 years


Alcohol: 12.5% Vol.


Cultivation: Extraordinary geological and climatic conditions along the limestone mountains of Leitha, for just over seven hectares of vines In organic farming in Leithaprodersdorf in the Neusiedler See region in Austrian Brugenland.


Vinification: If in the vineyards it is the whole family that is active especially during the obviously manual harvest, in the cellar they remain on the other hand in the background and minimize their interventions as much as possible. You can rely on the laws of nature such as natural fermentation and gravity. Here fermentation in large wooden barrels. Filled directly into the bottle with no added additives except for a very moderate dose of sulphites.


For the record: Traditionally, only what was produced on their own farm was poured and served in the Austrian Heuriger. For some time now, the Liszt family has been working to return to this idea, using charcuterie from their own free-range pigs and sourdough bread made from cereals from their crops. Now in collaboration with kitchen professional and hunter Peter Zinter, with whom the family shares the down-to-earth approach.

Weingut Liszt - Nudiszt - Landwein Autriche - 2020

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