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Natural wine

Why do we talk about natural wine? How is wine made? How is grape juice turned into wine?

Viticulture is the crop that consumes the most phytosanitary products in France. This has impacts on soils and biodiversity, as well as on human health.

However, only 17% of the French vineyard is currently organic, that is to say without the use of chemicals in the vines. The road to ecological viticulture is therefore still long!

And to this is added another problem: how is wine made? how is the juice of the harvested grapes transformed into wine?

You have to know how to distinguish here what happens in the vineyard (viticulture) and what happens in the cellar (winemaking). And unfortunately wine does not escape the use of chemicals for its production. For so-called "conventional" wines, without counting traces of phytosanitary products - pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, used for the treatment of the vine - up to 55 products and processes are authorized for the production of a wine! And this, including in the great Burgundian wines and the classified castles of Bordeaux! What is less known is that for the production of organic wines there are still 39 authorized exogenous products and processes.

Faced with this grim observation, in a desire for transparency, respect for the environment, respect for the health of consumers and agricultural workers, winegrowers and winegrowers have chosen to make wine differently by imposing more restrictive criteria on themselves. :



Not only do our artists cultivate their vines using only natural products, but only 6 exogenous products and processes are authorized in wine in vinification.


Committed organic

The winemakers undertake to do better than the organic specifications by using fewer products in cultivation in their vineyards and less in winemaking. ​

So let's take a look at those who – in addition to respecting their land – use as few products as possible to make their wines. You will therefore find here natural wines, living wines, healthy wines... with which you can really drink to your health!

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