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Winemakers: Julie Romanetti and Nicolas Mariotti Bindi


Grapes: Niellucciu


Characteristics: A slap, a real one! A nose that perfectly transmits a beautiful minerality with this salinity characteristic of the terroir and a greedy fruit on wild strawberries and black cherries. The small farmer's reduction comes to give the touch of madness that will disturb more than one. In the mouth it is a journey towards lightness and freshness, the supple but very present tannins accompany a gourmet fruit and more complex aromas. A very dangerous delicacy!


Pairing: A great thirst!


Aging: 2 to 4 years


Alcohol: 12.4% Vol.


Cultivation: Clay-limestone soil facing east, made up of one hectare of Niellucciu from mass selections planted at high density, preventing the AOP Patrimonio from being obtained, the density also increasing the yield. These vines were planted in 2009. Manual harvest, transport of the harvest in boxes of 300 kg.


Vinification: The grapes are destemmed and placed in a concrete vat. After a cold pre-fermentation maceration of 48 hours, the start of fermentation occurs naturally. This cuvée is distinguished by a short maceration of 6 days without any pumping over, any form of extraction is prohibited in order to preserve the fruit aromas and finesse. The wine is aged for six months in stainless steel vats on white lees and bottled without filtration or fining. Only SO2 is used, the total dose appears on the label in full transparency for a total SO2 < 20mg/L. A short maceration and a limited aging time preserve the fruit of this fresh and gourmet wine.


For the little story: We owe this little bomb of creativity to the hand of Julie Romanetti who has accompanied Nicolas for a few years.

Cantina di torra - Les Soiffards - Vin de France - 2020

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